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  product characteristics

  strong compressive and aging resistance:using high-quality modified pvc engineering plastics for one-time extrusion,high compressive strength,normal conditions without foundation or encapsulation,anti-settlement,can replace steel pipe to cross the road safely,flame retardant(good self-extinguishing from fire),corrosion resistance,aging resistance,service life of more than 50 years.

  structural innovation and pipe location saving:compact pipe structure,less road excavation,only 10%of the cement pipe location,effectively saving urban underground pipe location resources,less impact on road traffic and municipal administration.

  high utilization rate and low comprehensive cost:it integrates sheath and sub-tube,has large effective space of inner hole,can be connected after truncation,saves material consumption and reduces project investment.

  the construction is convenient and time-saving:the sheath and the sub-pipe are integrated,and the cable can be pierced without the second piercing pipe laying at one time,avoiding the trouble of twisting and distorting the piercing pipe deformation,ordering confusion and repetitive construction caused by the second construction;light weight,convenient handling;smooth inner wall,labor-saving threading;the construction period of using grid pipe and honeycomb pipe is nearly 1/2 shorter than that of using pe bellows,and nearly 3/5 shorter than that of using cement steel pipe.