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  sanmenxia is located in the golden triangle between henan,shaanxi and shanxi provinces.it has a long history and profound cultural heritage.from the han and tang dynasties to modern times,shaanzhou was built with the construction of a dam on the yellow river after the founding of the people's republic.the beautiful environment of blue sky and clear water attracts tens of thousands of siberian swans to spend the winter in sanmenxia every winter,so it has the reputation of"swan city".in 2007,the sanmenxia industrial agglomeration area located on the bank of the yellow river,a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of plastic pipes and chemical building materials,sanmenxia northwest lianxin pipe industry co.,ltd.is also like a swan,showing a glimmer of quality in the national plastic piping industry,which has received praise and attention from all walks of life.

  sanmenxia northwest lianxin pipe industry co.,ltd.is affiliated to hangzhou jinjiang group.its registered capital is 100 million yuan,covering an area of 130,000 square meters.it specializes in producing hdpe straight-wall pipes for water supply,hdpe double-wall corrugated pipes for drainage,hdpe steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipes,carat pipes,pvc-u double-wall corrugated pipes,upvc communication pipes,pvc-c power casing,mpp power pipes and other plastic pipes.it is widely used in urban water supply,drainage,farmland irrigation,gas,communications,electric power and other fields.

  sanmenxia northwest lianxin always upholds the management strategy of"quality,service,strain and choice",adheres to the management concept of"people-oriented,dare to develop",adopts domestic advanced production equipment,embedded in erp management system,establishes technology research and development and quality control center,establishes perfect and standardized testing room in accordance with national standards,and implements from terminal products to raw material sources.quality traceability control system.at the same time,the products have passed the acceptance certification of the national building material testing center,china quality certification center,henan provincial department of health and center for disease control and prevention and other authoritative departments.

  service is the cornerstone of our development.northwest lianxin of sanmenxia always upholds this principle.starting from order tracking,details prevention of loading and unloading pipelines,technical support of after-sales pipeline installation,efficient problem-oriented solution mechanism,a complete and cordial service team has been established to enable users not only to use high cost-effective products,but also to enjoy high standards of service.

  adhering to the"four possessions"management strategy and our development goal-to be a respectable and excellent sustainable enterprise,lianxin in the northwest of sanmenxia has gradually expanded its business scope,covering the whole central plains,expanding zhengzhou and xi'an markets,opening up inner mongolia markets,and setting up qinghai(hai)gansu(xia)sales centers in the three provinces and regions.the products have been cooperatively applied in many projects,such as china water investment group,hangzhou jinjiang group,beijing wuchao underground pipeline network,zhengzhou east district integral pipe network reconstruction and expansion,xi'an xianyang airport expansion,inner mongolia ordos municipal pipeline network,lanzhou tianshui poverty alleviation drinking water project,bozhou agricultural drinking water and so on.they have been widely praised by users and have played a good economic and social role.benefits.

  sanmenxia northwest lianxin pipeline industry co.,ltd.has always practiced the development of"giving conscience and gratitude",striving to build an influential sustainable development enterprise in china's pipeline industry,with high cost-effective products,efficient and friendly services as a link,to create value for customers.

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