Information for Oral Presenters 

  • Please hand in your presentation to the technician in the meeting room Gran Aysén upon your arrival or during  breaks, to check if your presentation is in the correct file format and if attached files work

  • Speakers are requested to come to the meeting room at least 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the session and identify themselves to the moderator 

  • Presenters must take place at seats in front of the room for the duration of the session 

  • The allotted time for each presentation is 10 minutes, followed by 3 minutes of discussion 

  • To keep the session on time, the presenters and participants can continue their discussions at the Chaitén foyer area after the session 



Information for Poster Presenters 

  • Poster are displayed in the Chaitén foyer 

  • Posters should be upon arrival (Wednesday) and left on display till 13:30 on Saturday 27th August 

  • Please ensure that the poster is displayed on the correct poster board, which will be marked with your submission ID 

  • Posters left behind at the end of the meeting will be discarded 

  • Presenting authors are asked to attend their poster during the assigned poster session on Thursday or Friday  



Abstract submission

Please complete the author´s following information:


Please enter the complete list of co-authors (first and last name). 

Please indicate affiliations with numbers in parentheses behind each author name, as shown in the following example.

If you are not the presenter, please underline the name of the speaker.

John Smith (1), Patricia Perez (1, 2), David Wang (3),…

(1)   Department, Institution 1, City, Country

(2)   Department, Institution 2, City, Country

(3)   Department, Institution 3, City, Country


Use ONLY if you need to attach a data table
Upload data table